Monday, November 28, 2011

Mindset Monday 11/28/11- What is Determination?

To succeed in your goals, you need to be Determined. What is Determination? And how does one become Determined? Passion is the first prerequisite for Determination. You will not be determined for long if there is no passion as the foundation. Difficulty will arise, and if you do not quit right away, eventually you probably will, without passion. Make sure first that you are doing something you love. OR, and this is big, CREATE LOVE and passion for what you are doing. Even if you are not crazy about nutrition and exercise, be creative and find things you like about them. Build on this and turn like into love, love into passion.

After passion, Knowledge and Acceptance will give you Determination. You need the knowledge that successful people fail many, many times before they reach their ultimate goals. Read biographies, talk to successful people, you will see. You need to internalize that mistakes and bumps in the road are part of your journey to success. You can eliminate failure forever if you view it as feedback. To succeed in your goals, you cannot be afraid of making mistakes. Errors and relapses are to be expected and ACCEPTED. Accept your mistakes. Accept yourself as less than perfect. Once you accept yourself as less than perfect, you can forgive yourself for mistakes you made in the past, and mistakes you are currently making. You will be able to move forward and focus on what you need to do.

Determination = Passion(Knowledge + Acceptance)

Live with passion. Make a list of why you love what you do. Remind yourself that failures and mistakes are part of success. There is no success without mistakes. Finally, forgive all your past mistakes, forgive your present weaknesses, and forgive your future errors. Focus solely on becoming the best you can be.

Fanatically yours,

Gene Zannetti
Owner of Z-Fanatical Fitness
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