Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mindset Monday 11/14/11- Top 10 Reasons You're Still Out of Shape

Still don’t have the body you dream of?

You tried everything and nothing seems to work?


Top 10 Reasons You Don’t Jump Levels; and Z Fanatical Fitness Solutions

Your physical limitations
1. You don’t train hard enough -> Contains a Progression System so everyone can train at their max.
2. High intensity programs are too difficult to keep up with -> Modifications for all exercises.
3. You don’t have enough time -> Each workout is, at most, 10 minutes
4. Equipment is a turn off, too risky, or too expensive -> No equipment

You haven’t mastered your mindset

5. You have not made a real commitment to your goal -> Mindset Mastery Lesson #1
6. There is no social element to your exercise -> Mindset Mastery Lesson #2
7. You still look at exercise & dieting as a verb, something you “do” -> Mindset Mastery Lesson #3
8. You do not understand the true meaning of Motivation -> Mindset Mastery Lesson #4
9. You have not learned to how to tap into your true potential -> Mindset Mastery Lesson #5
10. You don’t have deep confidence that you will achieve your goal -> Mindset Mastery Lesson #6

Learn ALL 6 Mindset Mastery Lessons from Gene and have the body of your dreams!

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