Monday, December 26, 2011

Mindset Monday 12/26/11- What to Focus On When You Compete/Perform


In competition, focus is best spent on the present moment- on actions.

Thinking about past successes or failures will distract you from your mission. Your mission is whatever you have to do right now, not a few moments ago, not a few seconds from now, much less the end of the competition- but right NOW.

Think of this as a blessing. Very seldom in life do you get the opportunity to act without regard for the past or future. In competition or a performance, it is almost always beneficial to disregard everything but right now.

Nothing else matters but the action you are taking right now. Do not let this be a source of stress, but of empowerment. Do not build up the moment, because soon enough it will be gone, and will not matter much because the new moment has now become the topic of your focus.

Mastery comes from getting out of your own mind (evaluations, doubts, fears, regret) and into your senses. Literally your senses- sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. In other words, focus on what you are doing and not what the result of it will be. Because you know that your actions are preplanned from all of your past hard work. From this, you can trust yourself.

A great way to live in the present moment is to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for all past losses, failures, errors, and mistakes. Accept that you are human and thus fallible. Do not let this be an excuse to stop trying to be the best that you can be. Just know that you will mess up sometimes and this is okay. What is not okay is giving up and quitting on something you want.

Forgive yourself your past and future faults. That’s right, forgive yourself for future faults you make. Again, this isn’t to be used as an excuse to not do the best that which you are capable. Just accept yourself as human, and know that the most productive thing you can do with yourself is to proceed confidently, attempting, trying, and doing.

When you compete and perform be like flowing water- adaptable and opportunistic to flow through the cracks, seizing the opportunity. Do not make this a big deal, this is what you do.

Furthermore, this lesson will be of little value if you do not practice this “prescentism” in practice. When you practice competing and performing, be sure to include this attitude, as it will be extremely difficult to compete/perform like this without any practice doing it before. Imagine trying a new skilled technique without ever attempting it in practice first.

Stay in the moment when you compete and perform. You are fanatical! Nothing derails your mission, which of course is whatever you are doing this moment…now this moment…and now this moment.

Gene Zannetti
Owner of Z-Fanatical Fitness
Personal Trainer, One-on-One Mindset Consultant & Motivational Speaker
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Mindset Monday 12/19/11- The Fanatical Approach to Goals

Z-Fanatical is a commitment to a lifestyle of consistency and intensity.

You should not support or endorse something that you do not understand or agree with. For this reason, I will elaborate on the ideals and message of Z-Fanatical.

We do not do things just to do them. I am advocate for having a master plan. It is okay to have fun and relax and act spontaneously in your down time. Goal related action however should have a purpose. Above our workouts, nutrition plan, and mindset plan, Z-Fanatical is an ideal that my brothers and I have and would like to share with the world.

You can have any goal you want. This is about the attitude we take toward pursuing our goals.

Philosophy is very important to me and Z-Fanatical Fitness. Our philosophy is a Commitment to a Lifestyle of Consistency and Intensity. Several key words should jump out at you there: Commitment, Lifestyle, and Consistency all drive home the point of regular, daily action. Z-Fanatical Fitness is not a fad or something that you go off and on. I define consistency as prioritizing your action plan each day. (1) you must have an action plan (2) you must follow it or attempt to. We all mess up from time to time. When we fall off the horse, we get back on as quickly as possible. It is not that we never fail or fall short, we just try again, and again, and again, and again, and again, etc.

This persistence is a piece of the second part of our philosophy- Intensity. Along with our dogged determination and refusal to quit, we endorse living with the utmost passion, zeal, and fervor. These words almost contain a religious connotation. Such is Fanaticism- not in terms of religion, but in terms of pursuit of goals. We try to handle our action plan, whatever it may be at the highest level possible- Relentless, Ferocious. Sounds a bit animalistic? Good. This type of pursuit will get you to your goals faster.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are, just that you approach them in this way- Fanatically. I choose to live my life by this. I have seen good results. I have watched others succeed with this attitude. It makes sense to me to emulate the best.

Strive for your goals as well as improvement in all areas of your life. I often say- Fitness is Never just Physical.

Strive to improve all areas of the human experience. Improve yourself Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Socially, Fiscally, Academically, and every other way you can.

Z-Fanatical Fitness endorses the idea of being as Successful and Happy as you can in life. You want both. You can have both. If you strive to always improve in all areas of your life, you begin to develop good habits that will serve you well in the future. Limits are arbitrary walls you put around yourself.

Now you know what we are about. We would love for you to join us in this mindset. It is and always will be Your Choice. Choose to Get Fanatical!

Gene Zannetti
Owner of Z-Fanatical Fitness
Personal Trainer, One-on-One Mindset Consultant & Motivational Speaker
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mindset Monday 12/12/11- Cure Procrastination

Procrastinate later. In fact, I heard the procrastinators annual meeting was postponed…again!

Fanatically successful people usually prefer to do things NOW. If you want to be successful, you are going to want to get into the habit of acting now. Now is the only moment of power. Do plan ahead. Do have goals. Do think about the future. Do learn from the past. But ACT NOW.

The past already occurred, so you cannot change it, and you do not know what the future will hold. Now is when we reap the harvest of the past, now is when we plant the seeds for the future.

When you get the slightest urge to take productive action toward your goals, get up immediately and start moving in that direction. Do not sit and wait and let that burst of energy, that little feeling dissipate or disappear. Do not give yourself a chance to talk yourself out of it. Get good at recognizing that feeling- that moment when you first feel a pull to take action. Build on that momentum. That is what the greats do.

Get into taking action even when people around you are not doing so. You may have similar goals to other people in your life, but do not count on them to take action together. You are responsible for yourself. Be sure you take action regardless of what anyone else does.

Also, do not wait for perfect conditions to take action. There are exceptions to acting right now. But usually, most of the time, now is better than later. You may think, wait until things are better, well what if you wait and conditions become worse? What if you put it off and never get around to it? Someone who is Fanatical will act unless in rare extenuating circumstances.

Remember, the only time that is a gift is the PRESENT. Act now, Get Fanatical!

Gene Zannetti
Owner of Z-Fanatical Fitness
Personal Trainer, One-on-One Mindset Consultant & Motivational Speaker
(908) 337-6143

Monday, December 5, 2011

Mindset Monday 12/5/11- Get to Your Goals in the Shortest Amount of Time Possible

If you are like most people, you would like to have what you want in the shortest amount of time possible. Human nature is valuing economy and efficiency. We do not like to waste effort and we would like to have our goal or present RIGHT NOW.

There is no formula known to man that allows you get what you want instantly. So we go back to something you already know- hard work makes dreams come true. This is by and large true. If you work hard, you will get results…in time. Hard work will always need to be sustained over time to achieve results. But, how much time? This is up to you…I will expand…

You want results now! I cannot get you results immediately, but I can show you how to get them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

If you change your stance slightly from “I want what I want right now” to “I want what I want, or as close to it as I can, as soon as possible” then I have the answer for you-Fanaticism. You have to Get Fanatical about your goal. You have to Get Fanatical how you train, and you need to alter your mindset to something entirely different to just about everyone around you. You need to adopt a Fanatical Mindset.

You must become completely immersed in your goal. You need to create an intense action plan and consistently carry it out, everyday- always striving to get more out of yourself. Living a lifestyle based around the achievement of your objective.

To your friends and family who value balance and moderation, YOU WILL appear crazy. That’s ok. Which is more important to you- (1) Be seen as normal and cool by others or (2) accomplish your objectives?

If you would rather be seen as cool and normal, then this Blog really isn’t for you. I don’t have much tolerance or respect for accepted mediocrity in a world of limitless possibilities.

If you are looking to accomplish your objectives, then this blog is for YOU. If you stay with me and make the choice to Get Fanatical, I can make several guarantees: People will at times call you crazy and weird (because you will do and attempt things they would never dare to try). You will make mistakes, become frustrated and at times fail more than others (because you will be “in the game” more than those around you who prefer to be spectators in life) BUT you will also achieve your objective: GET WHAT YOU WANT, OR AS CLOSE TO IT, IN THE SHORTEST AMOUNT OF TIME POSSIBLE.

The choice is yours. Choose immersion, intensity, and passion. Get Fanatical!

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Gene Zannetti
Owner of Z-Fanatical Fitness
Personal Trainer, One-on-One Mindset Consultant & Motivational Speaker
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