Monday, December 5, 2011

Mindset Monday 12/5/11- Get to Your Goals in the Shortest Amount of Time Possible

If you are like most people, you would like to have what you want in the shortest amount of time possible. Human nature is valuing economy and efficiency. We do not like to waste effort and we would like to have our goal or present RIGHT NOW.

There is no formula known to man that allows you get what you want instantly. So we go back to something you already know- hard work makes dreams come true. This is by and large true. If you work hard, you will get results…in time. Hard work will always need to be sustained over time to achieve results. But, how much time? This is up to you…I will expand…

You want results now! I cannot get you results immediately, but I can show you how to get them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

If you change your stance slightly from “I want what I want right now” to “I want what I want, or as close to it as I can, as soon as possible” then I have the answer for you-Fanaticism. You have to Get Fanatical about your goal. You have to Get Fanatical how you train, and you need to alter your mindset to something entirely different to just about everyone around you. You need to adopt a Fanatical Mindset.

You must become completely immersed in your goal. You need to create an intense action plan and consistently carry it out, everyday- always striving to get more out of yourself. Living a lifestyle based around the achievement of your objective.

To your friends and family who value balance and moderation, YOU WILL appear crazy. That’s ok. Which is more important to you- (1) Be seen as normal and cool by others or (2) accomplish your objectives?

If you would rather be seen as cool and normal, then this Blog really isn’t for you. I don’t have much tolerance or respect for accepted mediocrity in a world of limitless possibilities.

If you are looking to accomplish your objectives, then this blog is for YOU. If you stay with me and make the choice to Get Fanatical, I can make several guarantees: People will at times call you crazy and weird (because you will do and attempt things they would never dare to try). You will make mistakes, become frustrated and at times fail more than others (because you will be “in the game” more than those around you who prefer to be spectators in life) BUT you will also achieve your objective: GET WHAT YOU WANT, OR AS CLOSE TO IT, IN THE SHORTEST AMOUNT OF TIME POSSIBLE.

The choice is yours. Choose immersion, intensity, and passion. Get Fanatical!

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