Monday, January 9, 2012

Mindset Monday 1/9/12- Jordan, Tiger, Gable, Ali, Arnold, & Phelps on Mindset HERE

HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU PUT INTO YOUR MINDSET? Maybe the greats will convince you to work as hard mentally as you do physically-

Arnold Schwarzenegger
“The Secret is to make your mind work for you, not against you.”
(Arnold’s approach to bodybuilding was more mental than physical)

Michael Jordan
Michael's biggest strength was his mental game. Jordan held a decisive mental edge over his opponents throughout his entire career. It was his mental toughness... Jeff Janssen, M.S.

Wayne Gretzky
…he (Gretzky) was not very strong physically, but he made up for that in the mental edge he held over opponents.

Tiger Woods
Tiger's biggest club is his mental strength –USA Today
His mental game is every bit as good as his physical game. –Bob May

there’s another quality even more important than skill. It’s his mind, and that very well could be his greatest weapon.

Michael Phelps
His strongest asset is relaxing & focusing in competition. He can take himself mentally to a place. That’s what separates him from his competitors. –Coach Bowman

Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali was a master of psychology…his mental toughness played a great factor in many of his fights. There was no one stronger mentally then Muhammad Ali.

Dan Gable
“Mental Toughness is the key of all keys…Mental Toughness is the foundation.”

Coach John Wooden
“I am constantly trying to make players realize the mental side.”

Coach Vince Lombardi
“Mental Toughness is essential for success.”
He was always working on both the minds and bodies of his players. The guy was a beautiful psychologist. – Jerry Kramer (former player)

Coach Bobby Knight
“Mental toughness to physical (toughness) is as 4 is to 1.”

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