Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mindset Monday 1/30/12- The Key to a Quiet Mind Before Competition...and how to get it!

The key to a consistently high performance and mental quiet before competition is a solid Pre-Competition Routine. After developing and intensely practicing your routine, it will become a safe place you can live by, compete by, and train by. Your routine will become home. You will no longer get pulled physically and mentally from idiosyncratic occurrences and random thought before competition because your sole focus will be on performing actions that are designed to specifically bring out your optimal emotions and thoughts.

Take out two blank pieces of paper. On the first paper, write down your three best performances (leave enough room for equal spacing). What were you thinking before the performance? If you feel your best performances were in practice, that is fine too, simply write them down. Specifically, what were you thinking? How warmed up were you? Were you speaking with anyone, or were you to yourself? Who was around? What specific thoughts were going through your mind and what specific emotions were you feeling?

Label the second paper, three worst performances. Follow the same instructions as above.

Most people find there to be a major contrast between their mindset and physical warm-up when they are at the top of the game versus the bottom.

You now have a baseline for your mindset and physical state before you compete. You will benefit from returning to this mindset regularly if you would like a consistently high performance.

Over the next few weeks we will be discussing this topic more and more in depth. In the meantime, put the idea of a pre-competition routine and what it will entail for you personally into your mind. Stay tuned…

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