Monday, December 19, 2011

Mindset Monday 12/19/11- The Fanatical Approach to Goals

Z-Fanatical is a commitment to a lifestyle of consistency and intensity.

You should not support or endorse something that you do not understand or agree with. For this reason, I will elaborate on the ideals and message of Z-Fanatical.

We do not do things just to do them. I am advocate for having a master plan. It is okay to have fun and relax and act spontaneously in your down time. Goal related action however should have a purpose. Above our workouts, nutrition plan, and mindset plan, Z-Fanatical is an ideal that my brothers and I have and would like to share with the world.

You can have any goal you want. This is about the attitude we take toward pursuing our goals.

Philosophy is very important to me and Z-Fanatical Fitness. Our philosophy is a Commitment to a Lifestyle of Consistency and Intensity. Several key words should jump out at you there: Commitment, Lifestyle, and Consistency all drive home the point of regular, daily action. Z-Fanatical Fitness is not a fad or something that you go off and on. I define consistency as prioritizing your action plan each day. (1) you must have an action plan (2) you must follow it or attempt to. We all mess up from time to time. When we fall off the horse, we get back on as quickly as possible. It is not that we never fail or fall short, we just try again, and again, and again, and again, and again, etc.

This persistence is a piece of the second part of our philosophy- Intensity. Along with our dogged determination and refusal to quit, we endorse living with the utmost passion, zeal, and fervor. These words almost contain a religious connotation. Such is Fanaticism- not in terms of religion, but in terms of pursuit of goals. We try to handle our action plan, whatever it may be at the highest level possible- Relentless, Ferocious. Sounds a bit animalistic? Good. This type of pursuit will get you to your goals faster.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are, just that you approach them in this way- Fanatically. I choose to live my life by this. I have seen good results. I have watched others succeed with this attitude. It makes sense to me to emulate the best.

Strive for your goals as well as improvement in all areas of your life. I often say- Fitness is Never just Physical.

Strive to improve all areas of the human experience. Improve yourself Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Socially, Fiscally, Academically, and every other way you can.

Z-Fanatical Fitness endorses the idea of being as Successful and Happy as you can in life. You want both. You can have both. If you strive to always improve in all areas of your life, you begin to develop good habits that will serve you well in the future. Limits are arbitrary walls you put around yourself.

Now you know what we are about. We would love for you to join us in this mindset. It is and always will be Your Choice. Choose to Get Fanatical!

Gene Zannetti
Owner of Z-Fanatical Fitness
Personal Trainer, One-on-One Mindset Consultant & Motivational Speaker
(908) 337-6143

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