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Mindset Monday 10/31/11- Fanatical Trick-Or-Treating

Fanatical Trick-Or-Treating

As a kid, few holidays were as fun as Halloween. The idea of free candy was a concept my friends and I just ate up (pun intended). Every year we would go out trick-or-treating and absolutely crush it. We would sometimes have so much candy it would last until the Easter Bunny would re-stock us.

Why were we so successful trick-or-treating?- Fanaticism. Looking back, we did a lot of things right from a mindset point of view.

We knew our group we would trick or treat with weeks in advance. We would ride our bikes the day before to finalize our route. We carried extra bags and backpacks. We knew at what point we would have to stop back home and dump our load because it would be too heavy. We were detailed oriented in our action plan.

We would often quiz new friends who wanted to trick or treat with us. The attitude was- if you see a sign that says take one piece of candy what do you do? The correct answer was to take everything and the bowel! (We never took the bowel, but wanted this as their answer to prove they were on the same fanatical level as us). We would also repeatedly say, “This ain’t no charity function.” In other words, this was business to us. We were out to accomplish a mission- as much candy as possible.

*Effective Use of Time-
We always left promptly at 4:07pm (a time we felt gave parents enough time to be home after picking their kids up from school. We never wasted too much time at one house, giving each home no more than 10 seconds to answer their door or we were already off to the next house. We would run back to that house after we hit the next one if they came too late, which they often did. We did not procrastinate or waste time on things that derailed us from our goals.

We did not stop running on that night. Our younger siblings were not allowed to come with us if we felt they couldn’t keep up. In other words, we surrounded ourselves with people who had the same goals as us and disassociated with people who would slow us down.

We went hard, but we enjoyed the process. We laughed and had the best time just being together going as hard as we could. We got our kicks out of being Fanatical in our pursuit of our goal- free candy. We had far more fun working to get the candy than we did eating the candy. We loved what we did and we looked forward to it. Even though we knew the next day we wouldn’t feel our legs.

Happy Halloween! Get Fanatical about your goals today!

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