Monday, October 3, 2011

Mindset Monday 10/3/11- Laser Focus. GRIT. Fanaticism

One of the key ingredients of highly successful people is a personality quality called GRIT.
The great Young Lee, world class financial advisor and mentor, pointed out an excellent 20 minute video clip from which I highly recommend:

Grit is synonymous with Fanaticism. The single minded pursuit of a clear target. Laser focus. The ability to set a goal, have a daily action plan, doggedly persist through tough times to see your goal all the way through. Never becoming derailed. Even despite frequent failure, opposition, and criticism.

There are many gritty people I can think of. Among these are high profile wrestlers like Dan Gable, the Brands Brothers, Brent Metcalf, Matt McDonough, many other wrestlers with that Iowa attitude. Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln (Because I am familiar with some of their life stories). Young Lee who is an example of doing all of the little things right all the time. You do not ascend to the top of any field without this quality.

Most high achievers share this quality even though I only named a few. I was watching a documentary the other night on Lil Wayne and his friends described him as having a tireless work ethic. He is always making music or thinking about music. Even after everyone else in his camp is tired, he is still going. Keep in mind, he probably could afford to let up a little, young mulah baby!, but he does not think about money as his ends but rather making music. Money is a byproduct of his passion to make music, his grit. This is true of all successful people.

Ordinary people fail or get criticized so they make the decision to quit or change paths. Ordinary people do a lot of things and master none. In America, we prize well roundedness which is being good at a lot of different things, a renaissance man of sorts. In China, well educated means you are an expert in one field. It is great to be well rounded, just keep your eyes on the prize.

Most of the people in your life will not have the courage, energy, passion, and tenacity to stand up to criticism, persist through failure, or hone in on one goal. To be the best you need Laser Focus. Grit. Fanaticism.9 out of 10 people won’t do it. You need to be the 1 in 10. Get Fanatical.

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