Monday, September 12, 2011

Mindset Monday 9/12/11- Emotion Creates Motion, and Motion creates Emotion

It is the START that STOPS most people. You have heard it said, “half the battle is showing up.” Now, you may know this all too well. But, how well do you apply this in your life? What have you gotten started on recently? Do you take regular action toward your goals? Do you take ANY action toward your goals? Do you even have a goal?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then you are in the majority. And, that is okay. What is not okay is to know this, and now CONTINUE to not do anything. We need to get you started. Or maybe we need to get you to continue to get started each day. Either way, before you get something done, you must get it started.

In many cases, perfection is the enemy of good. Many people procrastinate because things are not perfect in the present moment. When will the perfect moment come for you? Maybe in 5 years? !0 years? Now you are 5-10 years older and your old problems are gone (maybe they are not) and you now have new problems and obstacles you can use as an excuse.

Imagine waiting to cross the street in a big city until all the lights on the road are green. You may be waiting for awhile. Action beats inaction. Get started today. Do not worry if conditions are ideal. With intensity and consistency, you can MAKE conditions more ideal.

Still having a problem getting started? Use the 15 minute rule. Take action for only 15 minutes. And go “too easy.” Work at an easier pace then you normally would, so you do not feel any burn out. Almost everyone who follows the 15 minute rule will eventually work harder and longer than the original 15 minute easy beginning commitment.

Emotion is E-Energy in motion. Become Emotionally involved, and you will create motion. Also, put your body in motion, and the e-motion will follow. It works both ways. One of the best ways to change your feelings is to change the way you are moving. Begin by acting as if. Move the way you want to feel, even if this feels fake at first. Fake it till you make it, and fake it till you feel it.
Emotion creates motion, and motion creates emotion. This relationship is called a reciprocal interaction. There you learned something new today! Now apply it, or it’s just jeopardy knowledge.


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